Fun at Startup Weekend and a Change of Pace

The time has finally come. After a long leave, my wife has finally returned to work at the Big Hospital. She’s been home since the end of August because this pregnancy was so rough on her, between the severe morning sickness and anemia. Even though she wasn’t able to do much while she was on … [Read more…]

The End of Leave, Gamicon, and Startup Weekend

I finally found a break from the action to sit down and collect my thoughts from the past couple of weeks. I know how much work a new baby could be, but I didn’t realize how much work a preschooler would add on top of everything else. Having my wife home on maternity leave has … [Read more…]

Settling In and Moving Forward

It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted, but for good reason. My family and I are settling in comfortably with the newest member of the family. The baby isn’t sleeping through the night yet – most nights, she thinks it’s party time. Hopefully, this isn’t an omen for the future… I have been … [Read more…]

False Alarms and Startup Weekend

The time is getting closer and closer. The wife and I have already trekked over to the hospital twice due to early labor. The new baby isn’t due until January 30, but between the morning sickness and the anemia, my wife would be very glad to just have the baby any time now. I’m going … [Read more…]

Does the Sexy Life Include a Barbecue Joint?

I think I may have found the point where I can’t get any busier. I thought that my calendar was going to clear out as my wife and I await the arrival of our second child. Not so. Sexy Life, my team from Startup Weekend Iowa City back in November, has fired up operations again … [Read more…]

2015: The Year of Networking

Happy New Year! I hope you all have had an enjoyable holiday season. Here in the Oasis, the family and I have been enjoying some time together. My wife cooked up over ten pounds of fudge and several dozen cookies with my daughter’s help. I spent the better part of Tuesday removing the 3 inches … [Read more…]

A Break During the Holidays

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and having some down time the last few days has been great. My house is significantly less dirty than it was, and I’m finally getting caught up on some projects that have been sitting in my home office for quite some time. Also, it’s been … [Read more…]

A Quick Post Before a Busy Weekend

I just thought I’d check in before the start of Startup Weekend Iowa City and before the snow starts to fly here in eastern Iowa. I’ve claimed a spot with a warm beverage downtown until the doors open at Startup Weekend HQ around 6 this evening. My car is in a covered part of a parking … [Read more…]