A Break During the Holidays

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post, and having some down time the last few days has been great. My house is significantly less dirty than it was, and I’m finally getting caught up on some projects that have been sitting in my home office for quite some time. Also, it’s been … [Read more…]

A Quick Post Before a Busy Weekend

I just thought I’d check in before the start of Startup Weekend Iowa City and before the snow starts to fly here in eastern Iowa. I’ve claimed a spot with a warm beverage downtown until the doors open at Startup Weekend HQ around 6 this evening. My car is in a covered part of a parking … [Read more…]

Cocoon Within A Cocoon

The past couple of weeks in Venture School have been incredibly eye-opening. We have done about 20 of the 100 customer discovery interviews we have to do before Thanksgiving. In that time, the ideas we had about what people are looking for in a restaurant have been completely turned inside out. When my partner originally … [Read more…]

Innovation Expo, Venture School, and Other Startup Stuff

What a busy couple of weeks this has been! I got to reconnect with my undergraduate home department, meet and hang out with people much more fashionable than I, listen to pitches from some of the most promising start-ups in the Midwest, get ideas dismantled and rebuilt in the company of others with great ideas, … [Read more…]

New Projects and the Months Ahead

First, I want to apologize for the lack of updates over the last month. I’ve been meaning to get to this at least every week, if not more often, but I’ve had my nose to the grindstone almost constantly over the last four weeks. I had a pretty quick turnaround on a Web site I … [Read more…]


Welcome to my little corner of the Internet.  I plan to use this blog to discuss everything media and Web, along with a short series on why I’ve chosen to (very slowly) switch my home office over from all Macs to Linux-based systems.  I might even throw a few things in here and there from … [Read more…]