The Calendar Is Full

There was a bit of a chill in the air this morning when I was driving my older daughter to Kindergarten – “big kid school.” She started back to school last week. I knew the day would eventually get here when she’d be off to elementary school, and I could breathe a sigh of relief … [Read more…]

A New Name, Planning a Trip, and the End of Summer

Now that we’ve entered August, it’s just starting to dawn on me how few days of summer we have left. In just a couple of weeks, my older daughter starts “big kid school.” Dance class picks up again in a month for both girls, the fifth year for the older kid and the first year … [Read more…]

Elephants Dancing, a New Name, and a Lost Kitten

We’ve hit the midpoint of the summer, and it’s arrived much faster than I thought it would. Only a few weeks left before my older daughter starts kindergarten and resumes dance class, and my younger daughter starts her first dance class. I’ve finished my entrepreneurial conference travels for the season, and I’m finally home enough … [Read more…]

A Week of Two Fests, a Surprise Email, and Looking Ahead

To say the last few days have been incredibly productive would be an understatement, even though I haven’t spent much time in the office at all. EntreFest was the end of the pitch marathon of the last month. Flyover Fashion Fest was a fun, mind-opening experience. In addition, Team Cider Finder received an e-mail that might end … [Read more…]

Three Pitches In, and a Great Deal Learned

I never knew how exhausting giving 3 different versions of a pitch in 4 days would be. What should be cut from the longer version to give a full picture of the company in a shorter version? What do you have to keep in the 90 second elevator pitch? What do you do when you … [Read more…]

The Second Marathon Begins

A couple of months ago when I was putting together a blog post, I had mentioned that there was a lot coming up on the calendar in the spring. Well, spring is here, surreal as it seems. I’m only a couple of days away from starting the Sexy Life Pitch Tour, with stops in Iowa … [Read more…]

Birthday Parties, Major Events, and Beta Tests

I thought that the middle of winter was supposed to be the time of year when you hibernate and things slow down, recovering from the festivities in December. This really hasn’t been the case this year for me and around my house. Just a couple of years ago, during a really harsh winter, my older … [Read more…]

2016: The Year of Growth

Check out last year’s final post to see how far I’ve come since the end of 2015. It’s time to step back and reflect on the past 12 months, now that we’ve come of the end of the busiest years I’ve had since graduate school a decade ago. To write this post, I’ve gone back … [Read more…]