Venture School Begins Again

As I’ve talked about plenty of times on this blog, Team Sexy Life¬†applied to and was accepted into the Venture School¬†program. We started our journey through the program on Tuesday this week. While the information being presented is very much the same as when I went through with Tom back in October, they have retooled … [Read more…]

Fun at Startup Weekend and a Change of Pace

The time has finally come. After a long leave, my wife has finally returned to work at the Big Hospital. She’s been home since the end of August because this pregnancy was so rough on her, between the severe morning sickness and anemia. Even though she wasn’t able to do much while she was on … [Read more…]

The End of Leave, Gamicon, and Startup Weekend

I finally found a break from the action to sit down and collect my thoughts from the past couple of weeks. I know how much work a new baby could be, but I didn’t realize how much work a preschooler would add on top of everything else. Having my wife home on maternity leave has … [Read more…]